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Staff Recruitment Service Details

Service Details

Drawing qualified candidates to specific job openings and selecting the right person for the job is what we love to do, because we seek to connect people with the deeper meaning of the rolls they will execute. Thereby we create better matches between candidates and organisations, increase employee engagement and productivity as well as reduce employee turnover.

If growth and numbers of our Tribe are any indication, we are doing something right, because the astonishing growth we saw since 2020 is humbling, yet it motivates us to move forward with determination and excitement.

All companies need to outsource ‘skill’ from time to time that does not require a permanent appointment. Business Directive is registered to provide staff on the traditional labour broker base, but we also provide an easy solution to our clients wanting skill in that we provide it to them as part of a project to cover their needs.

We go through the same recruiting process, called a project process in this regard, in searching for the skills required, but the terms we negotiate with the individuals or organisations are based on a Service Level Agreement. Therefore, we do not enter into any area that may be sensitive to the Labour Relations Act.

The Project process involves the full screening of skills and matching it to the client’s needs. Placement, management and payment of the outsourced skills are all handled by our professionals. Right at the start we engage in Project Assessment where our consultants liaise with you to discuss the process and then establish a tailored plan of action.


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