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Looking for comprehensive outsourcing services you can tailor to your desire? You’ve found the right place! BDCS brings expert and flexible outsourcing solutions right to your fingertips

Payroll Services

Export your payroll administration to BDCS so you and your employees can zero in on core services instead of wading through compliance obligations for payroll every month.

Industrial Relations

We provide sound IR solutions that ensure optimal staff performance. All IR functions are taken care of, including CCMA representations.

HR Management

BDCS provides a full scope of HR services, on and off site, giving you peace of mind that the best talent is being acquired, developed, retained and aligned to your organisation.

Staff Recruitment

Drawing qualified candidates and selecting the right person for the job is what we love to do, because we seek to connect them with the deeper meaning of the rolls they will execute.

Health & Safety

Let us optimize the health, safety and welfare of your company workplace and see your employee morale soar. Why? Happy staff equals happy clients and ultimately powerful financial results.


Whatever the needs of your staff, we are in the know. Protecting people with the correct personal protective equipment is essential for their health and safety.


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