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Industrial Relations Service Details

Service Details

We provide sound Industrial Relations solutions that ensure optimal staff performance. All IR functions are taken care of, including CCMA representations.

Our IR staff are enthusiastic about flourishing relationships in the industrial arena. They specialize in this multidisciplinary field of complex relations between employers and employees, unions, organisations and the national government. We are acutely aware that maximizing economic gain and the potential for industrial growth happens when these divisions work together efficiently. Therefore we only select dynamic and agile specialists with an eye and ear for accuracy, yet a heart for unity. Our objective is to see your labour-management relations flourish and perpetuate democracy and peace in all relevant industries.

Our IR services are extensive and can be tailored to your organisation’s way of life and culture. Whether your organisation wants services for formal relations, informal relations or a mix of these, we have what you need.

Our Industrial Relations services are offered in regards to disciplinary inquiries, retrenchments, poor work performance, medical incapacity, grievances and union negotiations to name a few. These industrial issues are often fraught with technicalities, but we can serve as a beacon of light to ensure fair, equitable and legally sound processes in this regard.


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