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HR Management Service Details

Service Details

BDCS provides a full scope of HR services, on and off site, giving you peace of mind that the best talent is being acquired, developed, retained and aligned to your organisation. At Business Directive we understand that the HR department is the heart of an organisation – not the control centre nor the footstool, and that the human capital is its’ heartbeat.

We stay at the cutting edge of this ever growing industry through our commitment to continually better ourselves even though our experience and expertise in the human resource field already covers decades of excitement and determination to become an authority in this arena. Therefore we have developed a sweeping selection of services to meet the needs of organisations – big or small.

It is a common cost saving route for many companies to outsource their labour force. Business Directive Quality Outsource Management understands the impact that unproductive staff have on an organization. These factors are likely to occur where staff are not managed in a proper manner. Our management team is qualified in order to advise, train and motivate any staff regardless of the industry.

A brief overview of our HR services include:

Recruitment and selection

For more information on BDCS recruitment and selection, click here.

Induction and probation

– We aim for smooth induction of new employees and handle the final phase of the hiring process by assessing the employee/employer match during probation.

Training and development

– We keep ourselves and our Tribe at the cutting edge of all relevant industries through various training and development options that create improved opportunities and quality of life for employees and powerful financial results for employers.

Employee Management System

– Manage employee records, holidays, absences and HR processes all in one place.

Contracts and Policy Guidelines

– Tailored contracts and employee guides that are legally compliant and relevant to company culture are created by our specialists.

Access Control

– Fingerprint registration (to also monitor late comers effectively), access cards, name tags to identify staff easily, etc.
Production of Visual Management

– Various Organogram and Organisational charts made visible on site floor enabling senior management and visitors to identify positions Management by a full time on site supervisor from BDCS – Business Directive Supervisor receives in-house training – Supervision Scorecards for performance management is presented monthly on all our staff – A scorecard relevant to the customer operation is tailor designed and agreed upon with the customer before implementation Grievance, mediation and discipline – Includes, but is not limited to, labour council, performance assessments, solutions to pre-empt the need for disciplinary hearings, chairing disciplinary hearings, and mediation. Exit Management We negotiate the best possible agreements regarding retrenchment, dismissal, medical incapacity, retirement or resignation that benefit both the organisation and the employee. Employee Communication We know how to keep everyone in the know with tailored systems, like our cutting edge ESS Mobile App, for any organisation.

Business Directive is your people-solution.


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