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Miskyah Toth: A Visionary Leader Transforming the HR Landscape

Cape Town, South Africa – Miskyah Toth, the esteemed CEO of Business Directive Contract Services (BDCS) and the innovative founder of, continues to make waves as a global icon in the business world. With a steadfast commitment to empowering small businesses, Miskyah’s leadership in the HR sector has been pivotal in fostering growth and resilience among emerging enterprises.
Fresh from her participation at the Global Women Leader Summit in Spain, Miskyah’s international acclaim as part of the vanguard of women leaders is a testament to her influence and dedication to driving positive change. Her insights and strategies have inspired audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible impact that transcends borders.
BDCS, under Miskyah’s guidance, has proudly secured the naming rights for the upcoming Future of HR conference, set to take place in September 2024. This event, spearheaded by Topco, is poised to be a groundbreaking gathering for HR professionals, with Miskyah at the helm of the discourse on innovation within the industry.
Miskyah’s journey, chronicled in her autobiography “Iron in Silk,” serves as a blueprint for success, embodying the fusion of strength and grace that defines her approach to leadership. Her story is not just one of inspiration but also a practical guide for those seeking to navigate the complexities of the business world with resilience and balance.
As an acclaimed author and a beacon for aspiring leaders, Miskyah Toth is available for engagements that promise to equip executives with the tools for leadership, the wisdom to find balance, and the fortitude to persevere through challenges.
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About BDCS: Business Directive Contract Services (BDCS) is a leading force in South Africa’s business landscape, renowned for its innovative Temporary Employment Services (TES) and its commitment to modernization and employee engagement. For more information, please visit BDCS Corporate Profile.

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