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4 Things HR managers need to know about payroll processing

4 Things HR managers need to know about payroll processing

Possibly the single most important task of an HR manager is ensuring that employees are paid promptly and accurately. It’s like playing with a hornet’s nest if you don’t! Needless to say that your company’s reputation will suffer and employee trust and commitment can be compromised. Payroll processing must occur expeditiously.

Firstly, we’ll look a how payroll processing works. Then we’ll look at clean data, verifying timesheets, knowing payroll costs, and last, but not least, we’ll look at making and sending payslips. Let’s get into it! In regards to these things, BDCS sets itself apart by making sure we hire top qualified HR managers who handle the payroll process with accuracy and care.


How does payroll Processing work?

Let’s start with what payroll processing is! Simply put, it is the paying of employees based on their wages, salary, status, deductions, and type. Paying employment taxes and filing reports to HMRC is also part of the process.

Pay scales, employee classifications, terminations, and promotions are all varying factors that can make the payroll processing process complex. It is essential to check in at critical points of payroll processing to reduce errors that may occur.

BDCS has a dedicated payroll department that ensures that checks are done at regular intervals, preventing any errors that might have occurred.

Following the next four steps will help to ensure your calculations are correct:


  1. Clean Data required

Misclassification of employees often happens during the onboarding! This affects their retirement benefits, health insurance, tax withholdings, and a whole host of other things. Before proceeding with a new employee’s first payroll run, make sure to verify all information. Otherwise, there is a spanner in the works.

But there is another way… Intuitive technology! BDCS has a mobile ESS App that makes the onboarding process simple, efficient, and accurate. Employees fill in online forms before they can enter the payroll process. No more data capturing! Which means fewer human errors in the process.


  1. Verify the information on the timesheet

A system for checking timesheets is essential. Whether manual or automated: making sure there are no errors with the employee type, pay scale, and hours worked is crucial!

BDCS has top qualified payroll administrators and intuitive systems that monitor employee type, pay scale and hours worked, ensuring that the timesheets are accurate. BDCS means no more payroll headaches…

  1. Knowing your payroll costs is a must.

One needs to consider more than just wages: spotting inconsistencies during each pay period will be a payroll lifesaver! (If done consistently). You should factor in tax, benefits, unemployment insurance, and gross wages. Staying up to date with employee SSP, bonuses, pensions, suspensions, and tips will best be managed with a clear system or process.

BDCS has an in-depth cost calculation process, with expertly trained administrators, that guarantee all aspects of payment are calculated. Crossing t’s and dotting our i’s is the name of our game.

  1. Make and send payslips

The most essential elements on an employee payslip are:


Hours worked for that pay period

Net pay

Gross pay

Other things to include are the employee’s pay rate, year-to-date deductions, national insurance number, tax number, leave balance, and so on. The more information included the more work for you.

BDCS’ ESS APP allows our employees to receive their payslips on the software which in turn allows them to view their payslips anytime and anywhere. It is an automated process, with checks and balances in place and queries can be logged straight through the app! BDCS has made going paperless simple and easy.

To sum it all up: Staying ahead of changes and accomodating rapid expansion is what your payroll system should provide for. Think to yourself, will extra admin be too much of a burden? Can the business cope with more employees?

BDCS takes all of this into consideration for you, calculating the number of employees you can hire while staying within your budget and taking care of all payroll-related admin. Outsourcing to BDCS will save you countless hours spent on the payroll process, giving you more time to focus on growing your business. So you can keep the main thing the main thing!